A Mano Limpia "Barehanded"

Several years ago I was approached by a Venezuelan who was, naturally, an enthusiastic fan of Omar Vizquel.  He explained that he was in the early stages of filming a documentary attempting to capture Omar's story, beyond a shortstop with dazzling glovework.  This amateur filmmaker had no practical experience, but his enthusiasm and passion for the project convinced me this was for real.  He asked me as an avid collector if I would collaborate with him on the film.  Images my collection would compliment footage of Omar and help tell this story.  Needless to say I was interested and consider myself very fortunate that Rafael has asked me to help.

The documentary is titled A Mano Limpia, or "Barehanded" in Spanish.  Thousands of miles have been logged and hundreds of hours of footage have been shot.  Dozens of baseball icons have been interviewed, including Peter Gammons, Joe Morgan, Luis Aparicio, Miguel Cabrera, Johan Santana, Tim Kurkjian, and Dave Concepcion.  Rafael has traveled to my home to shoot footage of many items in my collection, and even interviewed me!  Although editing film is tedious, time-consuming, and expensive, it's extremely rewarding to assemble the many parts into a cohesive story.  The behind-the-scenes access to Omar, his family, and his native Venezuela weave a captivating story that even the casual fan will enjoy.  As Omar continues well into his mid-40's, his approach to the game and life is unlike any other.  In his career's twilight, he reflects on how he came to this place in life and wonders what the future holds.  He stands as the oldest man on the field knowing this game will eventually pass him by, yet he plays on with a youthful exuberance that his teammates, fans, and we all find wildly contagious.

As I write this in the summer of 2011, the trailer is in final production.  Truth be told, the purpose of the trailer is to generate interest and additional financing which is a slow and labor intensive process.  It's tortuous to delay, but the story deserves to be told well.  The project is slated to move forward this summer and fall and I promise to provide periodic updates and even short clips when possible.  I expect to have trailer available for viewing in late summer.  Please contact me with any inquiries.

I'm extremely proud to be involved in this ambitious project, and cannot wait to share it with you!